5 Neighborhood Features to Look for When Buying a Home in Nashville

Once you’re interested in moving to a specific neighborhood, it’s a great idea to do everything you can to get to know the surroundings of your next potential home to avoid overcommitting early on. Do some research, take a walk through the area, and keep your eyes peeled for these 5 neighborhood features to look for when buying a home in Nashville .


More than just about any other factor, the schools and the performance statistics of their respective student populations can have a massive impact on the attractiveness – and potential for revitalization – of any neighborhood. 

Anyone would assume the quality of your local school matters to a family, but it can make a big difference for any homebuyer who is wanting to find a solid neighborhood that will help retain resale value in the years to come. 

The important elements worth looking into include the overall rating given to the school by online ratings boards, average class size, and how active communication is between the school and community. If the neighborhood is also located near a private school, consider that a bonus.


How easy it is to get from one place to the other can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. 

Take a look at your neighborhood using an online mapping tool to get a good idea of how close you would be to major commuting routes. If you’re in a busy city, do the same by taking into account using mass transit. 

Imagining your typical workday from start to finish while living in your chosen neighborhood will give you an even better feeling of if it’s the right place for you when buying a home in Nashville .

Shopping and Services

Where we previously looked into the ease of getting to and from work, consider the same for running errands, shopping, and receiving municipal services. 

Your neighborhood’s proximity to police and fire stations could make a difference in an emergency, but you’re also not wanting to hear sirens at all hours of the night. Judging the best distance for you to get the best of both situations is key. The same can be said for railway lines, busy retail spaces, and bars and restaurants. 

Decide what appropriate distance would make you feel most comfortable.


An often overlooked feature, the way a neighborhood looks and feels is subjective, abstract, and way more important than people tend to think. 

This is why it’s a spectacular idea to go for a walk through the neighborhood to get a sense of the ambiance and absorb the overall vibe without the rush of showings, negotiations, and inspections. 

Choosing where you live is a combination of both form and function, and you are doing a disservice to yourself if you fail to recognize either of those points.


Digging into the social details of a neighborhood can reveal a lot about the people who live there, and how they both get along and choose to communicate. 

You may discover a certain neighborhood is quite regimented and desires active participation from its residents for block parties or neighborhood watch patrols. This truly comes into play if you’re looking to live in a planned or gated community. Any neighborhoods that are overseen by a homeowners association, or HOA, will have rules and regulations you are expected to abide by while remaining a resident. 

Give yourself a chance to have a quick chat with potential neighbors about what they do and don’t like about their neighborhood. You may find the information they present will strengthen or break your inclination to buy a home there.

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